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Grow Your Business with Ethical Manipulation: Bandwagon Effect

The bandwagon effect is an important psychological phenomenon for consumers. It

means that when many people want to do something or take action about something, other people can also join them easily. It is like catching a wagon on the train. People do not want to miss a train and want to follow the crowd. This term is mostly used for politics, but it is also an effective tool for marketing. 

In marketing campaigns, marketers want to show that many people tried a service or product, liked it, and now it is getting more popular. Therefore, other consumers also need to join them.

This phenomenon is effective because humans are social and they want to live in a group, have a social identity, and prove something to others in the community. In daily life, it can be explained by political support or being a football team fan, etc. 

How Brands Can Use This Phenom;

  • Creating a Word Of Mouth Effect

People talk. If consumers like/hate a product or service, they talk more. WOM effect can create a bandwagon effect easily. If consumers like the service or product, they will tell other people, and maybe they will put positive testimonials, and with all social proof bandwagon effect will be on the table. If other people see that, many people use this product or service, after that, they might want to join it too! 

So, be sensitive about product and service quality, create effective engagements with customers, and just watch the results!

  • Use Influencer Marketing

Consumers like to follow strong characters. A leader, a fame can create a Bandwagon effect fast. Brands need to be careful about influencer selection. Influencers need to relate to products or services. Their reputation should be trustful and effective for their followers. When consumers see that those famous people use this product, they will think that it should be a good product, I need to use it too, I need to feel special too. I deserve it! 

  • Controlling Demand/Supply

If there is a scarcity, people want to reach the service or product more. A famous example from the real life. In the beginning, reaching for a new iPhone was hard. Famous people and rich people were buying fast, and other people were waiting in front of the stores for long hours. People wanted more and more. Apple controlled supply effectively. People could not reach it easily and they dreamed about it. It created the Bandwagon effect!

If you have a new brand, or if you have a new product, combining these methods is effective. For success follow the steps;

  • Use influencer marketing with many influencers.

  • Organized websites for creating scarcity phenom. (Last two products, sold out, etc.)

  • Organized customer service and public relations perfectly.

  • Continue to show that, famous people low that product, when consumers cannot reach the product, push them to the mail subscription system. When products are in the store send them notifications. Always have products in the shop, but less. Create scarcity!

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