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Grow Your Business with Ethical Manipulation: Free Offers, Trails for Marketing

Free offers and free trials can change many things. This has been a popular and effective method for brands for many years.

Brands offer free trials and offers to their customers. The main aims of the brands are to earn new customers, to prove that the product or service is strong and reliable, to create more engagement and relation with customers, raising brand awareness. 

According to the customer side, consumers love to see something free, and it will not change. According to researchers, When brands offer a trial version of a product or service, satisfaction, and loyalty are effectively rising. The reason is that before the buying process, many consumers need more clarification about the quality of products or services. At first, they want to try or get a discount to start. With trial versions or discounted prices for the first sales, the trustworthiness of the brand can rise because the risk is decreasing for the customers. 

How the system works. First, according to product or service, brands need to create free trial or free offer campaigns. For example, the first month is free, cancel whenever you want. Secondly, buy a one-year subscription and get 3 months free, or buy a 1-year subscription for 9 months price. When customers see the offers, attention will be raised, because risk is low. At first, they can try if they like they can get discounted service. The hardest part for consumers, creating an account, and putting in credit card information. When they do that, after the first month, creating a paid subscription is much more easy. 

It is mostly a useful tactic for software companies, streaming platforms, applications, and games. Because, if you give the free trial option for a product, usage should not affect another sale. But still, many cosmetic companies give tester products to their customers. So there is no limit to this method.


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