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Grow Your Business with Ethical Manipulation: Personalization and Customization

Personalization and customization marketing is also called one-to-one marketing. This is about creating marketing campaigns and products according to the target audience and reaching them directly. 

Personalization and customization did not start with the Internet age but grew with the Internet. Personal advertising models got popular with websites, and cookies for those websites. With cookies, nowadays every step is recorded. So, it gives access to companies, and marketers direct one-to-one marketing chance. How it works; A customer visits a website, and the first step according to laws, customer needs to accept privacy settings. After that, a cookie is applied to the device of the customer. Then, you can do special marketing campaigns, you can do remarketing, etc. 

People love to see personal advertising. “Because people want to feel they are special, companies care about them! People want to think that, companies are listening to them, and following them, and according to these extra moves companies show special products to customers. Companies do this process because customers are worth following!” It is partly true, for sure. Just everything is automatic, there is nothing special, but still feels good right?

So, how marketers can do personalization? 

  • Remarketing PPC

  • Email marketing

  • App notifications

  • Personalized content (Celebrating special days like birthdays)

Another term is customization. Customization is mostly product-based. Customers can change product design according to their needs, or styles. They might change color, they can add their name, etc. For example, you can design your own XBOX controller on their website. Customers can change the color, easily. 


One of the successful examples of both personalization and customization is, Nutella created a campaign for their products. On their website, they gave a chance to customers for changing the logo with their name. Also, for the supermarkets, they put products with this strategy. When people see their name on the product, they feel more bound and they buy. 


Both personalization and customization are magical ethical manipulation methods. It is safe to use. It can increase communication between brands, and customers, and it can increase brand loyalty and advocacy. 

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