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Grow Your Business with Ethical Manipulation: SCARCITY

Scarcity is about being in a rush and surviving. If animals do not have enough food,

their testosterone levels rise, attention rises, and angriness levels increase. They need to

compete to survive and live longer. In the same way, when we think about humanity, many

wars started because of scarcity. The reason might be lack of food or lack of water. Those

effects can put humans in a rush. 

The first examples were about survival feeling which is the first part of Maslow's

Hierarchy, but this scarcity phenomenon has more effect on humanity. People can feel scarcity for being hungry, high fashion brand products, luxury gifts, and unnecessary products too.

Consumers can be more motivated about reaching a product or a service when they see a lack of product, limited time, production delays, and capacity problems. Another explanation is that “Scarcity may influence the perception of value”.

In marketing campaigns, marketers can give a one-day discount or they can give a

couple of hours to raise sales. Another example is, if people see that there is a limited product, they can think that I need to buy before the end. That’s why many travel companies use tactics and shows like “the last 2 seats” etc. These feelings can attract humans to be in a rush to take action.

Another intriguing example is the practice employed by many restaurants where they

intentionally limit the number of available tables. When customers perceive a scarcity of space, their desire to patronize the establishment often increases. A similar strategy was implemented by Apple during its early years. Apple deliberately produced a limited quantity of products, prompting consumers to rush to stores at the start of the day. This led to long lines, media coverage, and heightened global awareness. Consequently, people began to feel more enthusiastic and motivated about the brand and its products.

In the end, scarcity is part of our DNA and our life. Scarcity is an impactful strategy for ethical manipulation. This is completely safe to use for brand reputation and reliability. That’s why all strong brands like to use scarcity every time.

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