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How Should the Strategy in Remarketing Ads Be?

The ads we see on all smart devices are in every aspect of your life. Sometimes these advertisements affect our purchasing decisions positively, and sometimes they set a barrier between us and the companies. So what should the right remarketing strategy be? How do we contact customers in the right number and with the right setups? Let's take a look at these questions now.

First of all, we must establish the correct connection between our site and Google Tag Manager in order to give remarketing ads. We must ensure remarketing tracking setups at key points on the site. For example, contact page visit, form filling area, chat button, whatsapp button, basket, sales and payment pages are the areas where conversion will be tracked. After establishing conversions to these points, we should create remarketing audiences in order to accumulate audiences. Afterwards, we should rank these audiences in order of importance and create ad setups accordingly.

At the point of which ad we should show to which audience, if we are the owner of an e-commerce site, we should set up advertisements with reminders such as the payment screen and those who add products to the cart about our campaigns and 10% discount in the cart. Such advertisements will contribute to the rapid return of customers to the site and to make them feel special. Showing ads frequently to such audiences will usually yield successful results.

If we are advertising to audiences who have only visited the contact page or looked at the products on the homepage and exited, these audiences are usually newcomers to our brand. For this reason, the advertising setup emphasizing special discounts for the first purchase will help them establish a connection with the site. For such users, setting up advertisements two or three times a week that will remind us of ourselves will bring success.

If you would like to receive company-specific advice, do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to assist you.

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